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Hints and Tips for Interviews

about 1 year ago

Hints and Tips for Interviews

Interview Question: What Can You Offer That Someone Else Can’t?

The first thing to do if you are asked this question is – don't panic! It is a fairly common interview question, which means it's one you can prepare an answer for in advance. There are many reasons a hiring manager asks thins question such as to see how confident you are, to assess your humility, and to see how much you prepared for the interview.

For candidates, it gives you the chance to emphasise a unique part of your experience, and sets yourself apart from the other candidates. But it’s important that when answering the question, you have a balance – don’t be too confident or humble – and the best way to do this is to be prepared!

Points to Remember

Make sure you highlight the skills and experience that relate to the role you are interviewing for at the company; you will have probably already covered these skills in your CV or cover letter, so don’t forget to emphasise these skills if you get this question!

This question gives you the perfect opportunity to talk about your strengths, and what distinguishes you from the rest of the candidates. To start preparing, think about your background and experiences and what unique skills you have developed. For example, do you have work experience in a different but associated industry? Do you have experience in a different department in the industry? Also, make sure, when you talk about these strengths, that the qualities will add to the role. This means remembering that not all strengths are relevant, i.e., if you are applying for a management role, emphasise your management expertise, and any management certification or training you have.

What Not to Do

Don't be negative or arrogant (or both)
Telling the hiring manager about what sets you apart does not have to involve putting others down. Make sure you don't say anything negative about other people interviewing for the job. One example of this negative tone is "Let me tell you what I've got that no one else does . . ." It sounds dismissive of the others interviewing and believe me, the hiring manager will not like it!

Keep it Simple and Concise
The hiring manager is probably more interested in how you answer the question, meaning the content of your answer will not be as important. They won’t be expecting a five-minute monologue; in fact, a long-winded answer may do more damage than good. Remember, hiring managers are human…and they could get bored and you’ll lose their attention if your answer is too long!

Don't give a general response
You will have different experiences to other candidates, so give the hiring manager something unique and emphasise what it is that makes you the best person for the role!

Be Prepared and Practice, Practice, Practice
We all get nervous during interviews, but if you become flustered, it might give the hiring manager the wrong idea; that you didn't prepare. The best thing for nerves is to be prepared and to practice, you can practice answers with a friend, which will help you feel more comfortable in the interview. At the same time, although preparing and practising is the best way to succeed, don’t become a parrot –100% memorized answers sound robotic and too stiff – remember the key points for your answer, and relax, you’ll do great!

Be your own humble salesperson
Being confident and humble is a difficult balance to get, so keep your answers relevant and reflective. You should aim to be your own humble salesperson and demonstrate your unique skill while recognising your aims to grow and learn. Be honest about your skills and keep your answer simple and concise…while highlighting your strengths and, if any, how your skills shortfalls can be overcome and improved in time.

Just remember to keep your answer short, positive, and concise, and you'll be sure to impress the hiring manager!

Example Answer:

I'm a detail-oriented, creative thinker who is constantly looking for ways to learn and grow to become a more beneficial employee. I constantly set goals for myself, and I persistently try to achieve them. I think these skills will make me a very valuable asset to the company.

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