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​IAR’s Quick Tips For A Diversity Recruitment Strategy

about 1 year ago

​IAR’s Quick Tips For A Diversity  Recruitment Strategy

IAR’s Quick Tips For A Diversity Recruitment Strategy


What is diversity recruiting?

Diversity recruiting is the practice of using processes that decrease the risk of bias against an individual or group of candidates. Although we would love to say that diversity recruitment will ensure the hiring process will be free from biases, this is simply not the case, which is why IAR continues to adapt and change to ensure that any bias is minimised. IAR prides itself on providing a merit-based recruitment strategy with the aim to find the best candidates, while ensuring all applicants, regardless of background, are offered an equal opportunity.


Why is diversity recruiting important?

Workforce diversity has long been a high priority for many companies, and when we consider the benefits, it’s no surprise that hiring managers are now doubling their efforts to create a more inclusive and diverse team. Aside from the many tangible benefits such as performance, innovation, and productivity, other perks advantages include:

  • A much broader variety of skills and experiences

  • Increased awareness of language and cultural differences

  • A much larger and varied candidate pool

It’s no surprise that due to all these benefits, diverse workplaces have been shown to be better at solving problems, and encouraging creativity and innovation. In addition, a diversity of viewpoints offers team members opportunities to debate different approaches coupled with the benefit of having access to a much wider range of information.

Indeed, it has been proven that:

  • Diverse management teams are

    21% more likely to attain high profitability.

  • Companies with a diverse workplace are 17% more likely to be innovation leaders in their industry.

  • Diverse companies are more attractive to candidates; 3 out of 4 employees would choose a diverse company.

  • Diverse companies are 35% more likely to financially outperform less-diverse companies.

Thus, a strong diversity recruitment strategy is an excellent way to improve your team’s performance and drive innovation in your industry.


What are diversity recruitment strategies?


1. Check tour job adverts

IAR makes a point of starting at the most basic level when implementing a diversity recruitment strategy and that is the recruitment adverts. Language can be very important when attracting a broader range of candidates and it is imperative that you audit and evaluate how you present your job adverts and the type of language you use to reach a more diverse candidate pool.


2. Use a diverse range of sources to find a diverse range of candidates

If they are not coming to us, we will go to them is the ethos we employ at IAR. When we want to attract a diverse range of candidates, we will go and find them. That is why IAR is consistently tenacious in its recruitment strategy, ensuring that it reaches a much larger and varied candidate pool.


3. Highlight policies that will attract a diverse pool of candidates

As the traditional workplace has changed, so have the policies which are more inclusive and attractive to a range of talented candidates. IAR strongly believes that a strong diversity recruitment strategy must include policies that will be attractive to a wider range of candidates, whether that is flexible work hours or transparent and innovative equal opportunity policies.


4. Use Anonymised Hiring

Read more about anonymised hiring here.

5. Use AI Enabled Software

IAR uses a range of AI Software to ensure biases are minimalised and ensures a level of impartiality throughout the recruitment process.

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