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IAR’s Quick Tips to Help Improve EDI at the Hiring Stage

about 1 year ago

IAR’s Quick Tips to Help Improve EDI at the Hiring Stage

IAR’s Quick Tips to Help Improve EDI at the Hiring Stage

Use inclusive language

There is nothing stronger than the language we use when describing a job role, and inadvertently using non-inclusive language can often deter candidates from applying for a role. For example, gender-coded words such as ‘ninja’, ‘rockstar’, or ‘hacker’ have been shown to have a serious impact on the gender imbalance of a workplace and can lead to sustained inequality.

Attract a diverse talent pool

Attracting a diverse talent pool means seeking out and capturing their interest. At IAR, we ensure that we advertise roles using a variety of different resources, ensuring that the content of the adverts emphasises the importance of fairness and diversity. We also work closely with our clients to develop adverts that emphasise the opportunities for progression which affects whether you attract a diverse pool of candidates.

Ensuring a fair interview process

Unfortunately, conscious and unconscious bias will always be present and when candidates get to the interview stage; this is when you need to be vigilant and ensure fairness. We recommend using prescriptive questions, and interview scorecards to ensure your process is as fair and objective as possible.

Understand that recruitment is just the beginning

 Focussing solely on recruitment isn’t a fix-all —new and existing employees need to know that they belong as part of the community in the workplace

Pat Wadors, Chief Talent Officer of ServiceNow, recommends six easy ways to create a culture of belonging in the workplace:

  • Introducing someone as a whole person, beyond their roles and responsibilities

  • Asking people how they feel—and genuinely listening

  • Soliciting input from all in meetings—and not speaking over them

  • Delegating tasks in a way that demonstrates trust

  • Paying attention during meetings and avoiding distractions

  • Sharing stories and encouraging others to share their own

What next?

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