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How IAR Secured 12 Offers in 11 Weeks for Flexible Office Leaders: NewFlex

10 months ago

How IAR Secured 12 Offers in 11 Weeks for Flexible Office Leaders: NewFlex

How IAR Secured 12 Offers in 11 Weeks for Flexible Office Leaders: NewFlex

How IAR Secured 12 Offers in 11 Weeks for Flexible Office Leaders: NewFlex


Unveiling a tale of success and synergy, Inside Avenue Recruitment (IAR) takes pleasure in presenting a case study on our fruitful collaboration with NewFlex Limited. NewFlex, a luminary in the flexible office space sector, is affiliated with revered brands like Citibase, easyHub, Bold, XCHG, and Serendipity Labs. This narrative highlights IAR's client-centric approach, the hurdles encountered, and the exceptional results derived through fulfilling 11 vital positions within an 11-week timeframe.

Identifying the Challenge

Before partnering with IAR, NewFlex grappled with the daunting task of filling 15 vacancies, working with seven distinguished stakeholders spread across different regions. Each stakeholder had distinct demands, further complexifying the process:

  1. Jo Mapp - Sales & Operations Director

  2. Steve Ahearn - Operations Director

  3. Lisa Richardson - People, Policy & Productivity Director

  4. Aura Militaru - Regional Operations Manager for London

  5. Sarah Warwick - Regional Operations Manager for SW England

  6. Christina Harris - Regional Operations Manager for East of England

  7. Jonathan Huckfield - National Sales Team Leader

The IAR Solution

Over the course of 11 weeks, IAR secured 12 employment offers from NewFlex, populating roles such as Commercial Sales Managers, Regional Operations Managers, Centre Operations Managers, Centre Operations Assistants, and a Sales Lead Advisor. Our customised recruitment strategy prioritised qualitative metrics, aligning candidates with NewFlex's company culture and core values. The flexibility and agility offered by our small but mighty agency permitted the delivery of premier candidates even amidst the bustling Christmas and New Year period.

Key Results

IAR's deep-rooted expertise in the flexible office sector culminated in:

  • 12 Job Offers; 11 Successful Placements with NewFlex

  • Average time to job offer: 18 days

  • Fastest time to hire: 5 days

  • Longest time to hire: 59 days

Notable Successes

Our triumphant alliance with NewFlex was exemplified when filling the roles of two Commercial Sales Managers. The exceptional caliber of the candidates presented impelled Jo Mapp, Operations & Sales Director, to seek board approval to extend the hiring budget, resulting in two hires for the London & Home Counties region.


Inside Avenue Recruitment's unwavering commitment to client success is showcased through our thriving partnership with NewFlex. By prioritising quality over quantity, we successfully aligned candidates to NewFlex's company culture and values, and delivered stellar results.

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